FlightAware Firestarter for Firehose

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Firestarter is a free development accelerator that makes it easier than ever to integrate data from FlightAware’s Firehose data feed into software applications of all shapes and sizes.

  • Firestarter is a collection of services and sample applications that make Firehose easier to evaluate and integrate​
  • Open source​ (on our Github)​
  • Runs on Docker

Aviation Data Faster and Easier with Firestarter

Save hundreds of developer hours
Reduce time to market for your integration

Limit switching costs 

Firestarter makes it fast and easy to assess Firehose's data quality and format through its sample web applications​

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Leveraging the Firestarter SDK to Access the Worlds Central Aviation Platform 

Learn how Firestarter can save hundreds of developer hours, reduce time to market for your integration and more. Plus watch a live practical demonstration and learn best practices for use.


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Accelerate Your Access to Aviation Data with FlightAware Firestarter

FlightAware Software Engineer Chris Roberts shares why Firestarter is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to integrate live flight data available from FlightAware’s Firehose Data Feed into their application.


For sales questions, or trial information, contact julius.ramos@flightaware.com 
For technical questions, contact chris.roberts@flightaware.com