Drinking from the Firehose: Leveraging the Firestarter SDK to Access the World's Central Aviation Platform

Firehose is FlightAware's live global data feed of complete real-time and historical flight/aviation data and Firestarter is the free development accelerator that makes it easier to access than ever before.

What You'll Learn

How Firestarter can:

  • Save hundreds of developer hours 
  • Reduce time to market for your integration 
  • Limit switching costs  

Live practical demonstration of how to: 

  • Configure Firestarter SDK 
  • Connect live streaming data feed from Firehose 
  • Visualize the Firehose data stream in a familiar FIDS interface 

Best practices in using Firestarter:

  • How Firestarter parses FLIFO messages to maintain a complete view of every flight
  • How Firehose works within your ecosystem 

The Speakers


Chris Roberts 
Software Engineer, FlightAware

Chris Roberts is a Software Engineer 2 on FlightAware’s Backend crew with over 10 years of software development experience. He works on the Firehose and AeroAPI data products and spends much of his time thinking about how to make FlightAware's APIs more pleasant to use.


Julius Ramos
Aviation Sales Executive, FlightAware

Julius Ramos has 12 years of aviation experience, primarily in the business aviation sector. This past year, he was recognized by the National Business Aviation Association as a “Top 40 Under 40”, young professionals that are making an impact in the industry. Even though Julius has been a member of FlightAware’s data integrations team for only one year, he is already discovering the breadth of use cases in which flight tracking data can be applied.

On-Demand Webinar

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Duration: 60 minutes