FlightAware Foresight Labs

Experiment with FlightAware's Predictive Technology

FlightAware Foresight, the most advanced machine learning predictions in the aviation industry, just became more accessible. FlightAware Foresight Labs is a space to explore potential new applications powered by FlightAware Foresight. 

  • What If My Gate Changes: Explore how our best-in-class neural-network ETAs are influenced in real time by gate changes.
  • Arrival Runway Predictions: Visualize arrival runway probabilities and accuracy throughout the course of a flight.

We’re excited to release the very latest technologies to our users and our team is continuing to develop and expand these tools, so come back often!

FlightAware Foresight Labs

*Please keep in mind the tools are in development and may occasionally not perform as expected.

Arrival Runways Predictions


Real-time and continuously updated throughout flight.

Using this tool you’re able to search for airborne or recent flights to explore arrival runway predictions as they happened throughout a flight.

What If My Gate Changes


See impacts to ETA in real-time.

Interact with our Neural Network Model by changing the planned arrival gate of a flight and seeing the predicted ETA impacts in real-time.

FlightAware Foresight

FlightAware Foresight, the most advanced machine learning predictions in the aviation industry. This cutting-edge technology allows airlines, airports, and operators to better handle flight delays and disruptions, empowering them to proactively manage their operations and improve the passenger experience. FlightAware Foresight Predictions now include:

  • NEW! Arrival Runways (available after departure)
  • ETAs for unrivaled accuracy (ON/ELDT & IN/EIBT)​
  • Taxi-Out Durations (beginning 3hrs before pushback)​