Integrated Flight Map and Status Solutions

Comprehensive mapping solutions for your applications and web sites

Using FlightAware's suite of informative and interactive web and mobile mapping solutions, you can easily enhance your passengers' pre-flight, on-board, and post-flight experiences.

  • Flight tracking visualizations for individual flights, integrated into your websites and applications
  • Combined surface and air movement of aircraft utilizing FlightAware’s Unified Feed technology
  • Beautiful worldwide maps including options for various layer styles and borders, airports, and weather options
  • Enroute and historical integrated flight tracking 
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Web Embedded Map

Embed maps and aircraft flight status blocks directly into your website.

  • Real-time representation of an enroute flight
  • Historical flights
  • Displays altitude and airspeed throughout the flight
  • Available in an easy-to-use iFrame implementation or a more configurable JavaScript option 

Mobile Map SDK

A native mobile mapping SDK, which allows you to embed the FlightAware mapping experience into an existing mobile application.

  • All the same great features as Web Embedded Maps
  • Easy and well documented integration
  • Developer configurable options 
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Onboard In-Flight Map Solution

Using our map interface, securely display flight tracks from your aircraft's avionics in real-time on any device supported by your flight connectivity offering for passengers onboard.

  • JavaScript program files stored onboard the aircraft
  • Flight data ingested directly from onboard avionics (no connection to FlightAware needed) 
  • FlightAware technical team can accommodate unique aircraft configurations

FlightAware Foresight

FlightAware Foresight, the most advanced machine learning predictions in the aviation industry. This cutting-edge technology allows airlines, airports, and operators to better handle flight delays and disruptions by proactively manage their operations thereby improving the passenger experience. FlightAware Foresight Predictions now include:

  • NEW! Arrival Runways (available after departure)
  • ETAs for unrivaled accuracy (ON/ELDT & IN/EIBT)​
  • Taxi-Out Durations (beginning 3hrs before pushback)​