SkyAware Anywhere

All your ADS-B receivers in one view


One Unified View. From Anywhere. 

With SkyAware Anywhere you get a raw view of everything your ADS-B receivers are seeing, from anywhere you have an internet connection! SkyAware Anywhere takes your ADS-B receivers (including 1090 and 978 receivers) and combines them into a single map, allowing you to securely view the skies you're monitoring. 

SkyAware Anywhere Features:

  • See real-time nearby flights from your receiver displayed on a personal radar-like interface
  • SkyAware Anywhere does not require you to expose your receivers directly to the internet
  • Compatible with all FlightAware devices including PiAware and FlightFeeders
  • There is no additional hardware, software, or update required for those with existing FlightAware ADS-B receivers
  • SkyAware Anywhere is free for all FlightAware ADS-B hosts

If you're already an ADS-B host, try out SkyAware Anywhere by clicking below (make sure you're logged in)

How it Works 

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FlightAware operates a worldwide network of ADS-B and Mode S receivers that track ADS-B or Mode S equipped aircraft flying around the globe. The fun part about these receivers is that you can make them yourself. Get a Raspberry Pi, pop our software on it, hook it up to the internet, and start sharing. Costs run less than $100 for the basic setup. Here are the instructions. For folks who live in areas where we need more coverage and can pass an application process, we’ll send you a pre-made one in a box – for free.

You’ll become part of a network of ADS-B hobbyists across the globe and start seeing the skies in a totally different way.