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The Art of the Possible: Leveraging GIS for Flight Tracking with Esri and FlightAware

At any given time there are over 13,000 aircraft in the sky. What can appear to be chaos in the sky is actually a careful orchestration of delivering passengers and goods to their destination efficiently. The abundance of flight track data can create challenges in understanding the patterns behind the data. Leveraging ArcGIS can reveal those patterns hidden in FlightAware data to unlock the stories the data has to offer.  Discover the art and science of what is possible with ArcGIS coupled with high-volume flight track data by FlightAware to create better understanding and better decision-making.  


Advanced Predictive Capabilities in Airport Operations

Collins Aerospace AirPlan is now equipped with FlightAware Foresight data, giving users an advanced and accurate view of all airport operations. In November 2021, Collins Aerospace acquired FlightAware combining the world-class solutions of both companies to drive operational efficiencies and improve the passenger experience across the aviation ecosystem.


Enterprise Fleet Management Solutions for Airline Operations

Hermes™ is the  Collins Aerospace Enterprise Fleet Management Solution, which enables the complete management of airline messaging environments through custom configurations and business logic to automate the flow of data.  Hermes is now offering FlightAware Foresight predictive ETAs, giving users an advanced and accurate view of all airline operations.

On-Demand Webinars 


AeroAPI: Easy and Actionable Aviation Intelligence

Learn about AeroAPI, FlightAware's RESTful query-based API, which provides easy access to comprehensive flight data on-demand. During this webinar, we will review AeroAPIs data areas, show how to customize aviation data to meet your unique application needs, and watch a live demo on how easy it is to start analyzing your usage trends. 

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Building Bridges in the Air: How FlightAware & FlightBridge Elevate Your Aviation Experience

Learn how to yield a better flying experience by more simply coordinating services and keeping important stakeholders informed about your flight. 

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 Leveraging the Firestarter SDK to Access the World's Central Aviation Platform

Firehose is FlightAware's live global data feed of complete real-time and historical flight/aviation data and Firestarter is the free development accelerator that makes it easier to access than ever before. 

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Predictive Aviation Data and The Power of Machine Learning

Learn how to achieve increased awareness and improved operational efficiency leveraging our ML and AI technology. 

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Central to Aviation: Conversations
Eamonn Brennan & Daniel Baker

Join Eamonn Brennan, Director General of EUROCONTROL, and Daniel Baker, CEO of FlightAware, as they sit down to discuss the aviation industry's future with an eye to:

  • Sustainability
  • Efficiency
  • Survival vs. thriving in a post-COVID world